The term Moonwood refers to smoked veneers. Absolutely unique veneers in exclusive shades with eye catching contrasts. If you or your customer are looking for something SPECIAL, then Moonwood is just right for you!

HOLZ-SCHNETTLER SOEST has smoked veneers from various wood species and thicknesses. Smoking produces the colouration of the veneer all the way to deep black tones without losing the uniqueness of the wood and its pattern. More information can be found further down on this page.

Let our Moonwood veneers inspire you...

So-called veneer "smoking" is used to produce the dark colours of veneers whilst preserving the natural colour variations of the wood. A chemical acid-base reaction occurs during smoking. The acid comes from in the wood, and ammonia (ammonium chloride) is used as the base, resulting in a natural looking colouration of the wood. The various acid levels and the patterns in the wood result in different hues.

Core smoking

Core smoking is done in special pressure chambers. Under defined conditions the wood is coloured very deeply and intensively. Despite this intensive treatment, in thick pieces the inside may in some cases have a light core based on the growth.

The use of varnishing systems (esp. water-based varnish) and oils, as well as gluing systems on freshly smoked woods should absolutely be discussed with the respective manufacturer. Smoked wood cannot be electrically tested for residual moisture. The smoking process does not add moisture to the wood, but we cannot guarantee specific residual moisture. Smoked pieces should be conditioned before further processing.

In residual fumigation, separate storage is recommended to prevent light wood from "catching smoke". The wood can be expected to change in volume (approx. 1-2% growth) due to the smoking process.

Warning: especially with core smoking, the inside of the wood may still contain unreacted ammonia, which will only volatise from the wood over time through diffusion (accelerated by heat). The pungent odour of ammonium can easily be noticed even in minimal concentrations and therefore has a high signalling effect. 

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