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We act quickly and plan for decades

  • We buy our wood virtually only from sustainable forests.
  • We import logs directly from the best forest regions in the world.
  • Our on-the-spot experts vouch for a constant high quality throughout.
  • HSS committs to the duty of care under the EU Trade Regulation and is member of the "GD Holz" monitoring organuzation!
  • We are PEFC certified.
  • To cut transport and processing costs, we have some of the trunks processed in their country of origin. We can then pass these savings on to our customers through attractive prices


We buy our logs directly from the countries of origin. From here they are shipped exclusively to their ports of destination. Extensive stocks at the most important main ports of Bremerhaven, Rotterdam and Antwerp are your guarantee for direct and low-cost deliveries.

Sustainable forestry resource management is a decisive criterion for us when choosing felling areas

Direct contacts to the best forest regions in the world guarantee maximum flexibility, availability and quality.

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