Bernard Schnettler founded the company in 1915, which was rebuilt by Wilhelm Schnettler after a fire in 1945.
Since the 1970s Klaus Schnettler is the driving force.
Under his management the company expanded to its todays size.
Since the mid-1990s Frank Schnettler and Klaus Schnettler are together leading the company.

The most important events in the history of
Holz-Schnettler Soest at first glance

  • 1915 foundation by Bernhard Schnettler
  • 1946 Wilhelm Schnettler took over the position as general manager
  • 1960 Klaus Schnettler entered the company
  • 1973 construction of the new yard at the "Seidenstueckerweg"
  • 1974 complete removal to the "Seidenstueckerweg"

  • 1982 construction of the veneer warehouse

  • 1986 HSS bought the complet inventory of "Knauf"
  • 1987/88 construction of the drying chambers at the second yard "Lange Wende"

  • 1992 enlargement of the hall construction at the "Lange Wende"

  • 2001 enlargement of the hall construction at the headquarter "Seidenstueckerweg"

  • 2001 construction of the exotic wood warehouse

  • 2006 addition of another floor of the office building

  • 2007 PEFC certification
  • 2009 FSC certification

  • 2010 construction of the new veneer warehouse
  • 2010 enlargement of the hall construction for exotic woods

The metamorphosis from a sawmill
to an Import - Export company

Previously only known as oak specialist, Holz-Schnettler Soest now become a well-known producer of
Exotic woods from around the world and evolved to one of the leading import and export companys in Germany.

"WOOD IS OUR ELEMENT" describes our broad and deep assortment of all types of wood.

Through decades HSS built up mature and lasting contacts in many countries in the world and has built up a network
which enables short, global, customer-friendly and of course fast delivery of customers."JUST IN TIME"

In 2012 HSS has developed into an independent full-line provider and is therefore the ideal partner
for European timber trade companies and for the industry.

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For 100 years - Your partner for everything related to wood!

Managing Directors:

Frank Schnettler
Fon: +49 2921 / 70 50
Fax: +49 2921 / 7 05 62

Klaus Schnettler
Fon: +49 2921 / 70 50
Fax: +49 2921 / 7 05 62

Former generations

> Wilhelm Schnettler

> Bernhard Schnettler